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Thursday, July 18, 2013 @ 03:07 PM Karen Hood


These stunning Leghorn chickens have rose combs, which are low, solid, thick, and covered with small rounded points. An advantage of the rose comb in cold climates is that it is less likely to suffer frostbite. The dark color and quick actions of these chickens make for a good range bird where there is danger of predators. They are real hustlers, range far, and look out for themselves very well. They are the most colorful variety of Leghorn. The male is very handsome with orange hackles and saddle and black stripes in center of each feather. The female is a medium brown with delicate penciling; wings are a darker brown and breast is salmon colored. The chicks are very lively. These heat-hardy birds are prolific layers… a true staple for the person desiring dependable and abundant egg producing chickens. They are one of our best layers.

Rose Comb Brown Leghorn Chickens are just one of the many unique and beautiful birds you can see at Spokane’s premiere Petting Farm, brought to you by Mountain Valley View Farm.