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Wednesday, November 6, 2013 @ 11:11 AM Karen Hood

Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s popular cookbook Halloween Delights will be available for free on Kindle tomorrow, November 7! Grab a copy of this fabulous cookbook that has been called “a treasure trove of spooky recipes” and is packed with more than 200 creative dishes that will delight, startle, and frighten your party guests! Halloween may be past this year, but the clear, easy-to-follow recipes will continue to spark your imagination, and Hood’s versatile dishes are delicious all year long.

With a wide variety of recipes ranging from cute to frightful–and all of them delicious, Halloween Delights is garnering rave reviews. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any Halloween planning, an absolute must-have for the holiday season—and it’s got enough recipes to inspire you for many years to come. But don’t wait long to check it out–tomorrow is the last day it’s being offered for free! So don’t click here to pick up your free copy of this frightfully fantastic cookbook!

Karen Jean Matsko Hood is a prolific author and experienced chef living in the beautiful Inland Northwest. Her Cookbook Delights series is renowned for versatile, easy-to-follow recipes that delight the tastebuds again and again.

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