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Thursday, September 13, 2012 @ 11:09 AM Karen Hood

Whispering Pine Press will be attending the annual PubWest Conference, held this year October 25-27 in Keystone, CO. This year’s theme is a Publishing’s New Model, which addresses the challenges, changes, and potential for growth and expansion that face the publishing world today. Keynote speakers include the CEO of the American Booksellers Association, as well as the CEO of Goodreads and the executive director of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG).

The E-book Revolution has brought unprecedented change to the publishing industry, and many publishers and booksellers have been left floundering in its wake. Seminars, lectures, and roundtable discussions during this year’s PubWest Conference will tackle this issue from many different fronts, including coaching publishers on how to craft metadata that will boost their titles to the top of search engine results; how to develop successful social media campaigns; designing engaging, attention-grabbing covers that work equally well in full or thumbnail size; how to ensure profitability by accurately estimating the cost of printing titles and realistically projecting sales; and much more. The PubWest Conference will provide publishers with concrete information and marketable strategies to adapt successfully to the changes sweeping through the publishing world.

Whispering Pine Press is a local publisher operated in the beautiful Inland Northwest region. The brainchild of internationally published poet and cookbook author Karen Jean Matsko Hood, Whispering Pine Press strives to offer writers a friendly, personalized publishing experience while providing readers with high-quality books in multiple formats. Popular titles include the Cookbook Delights series, which has been featured on Good Morning Northwest; and Hood’s poetry collection Frost of Green Spring, which brings together many of her insightful and poignant poems already published in numerous literary journals around the world. Whispering Pine Press is excited to attend the PubWest Conference this year. We look forward to interacting with all our friends in the publishing industry, and we can’t wait to bring back lots of ideas we can put to use to better serve our writers and readers!