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  • Tuesday, December 10, 2013 @ 11:12 AM Karen Hood

    For this very merry time of year, author Karen Jean Matsko Hood presents a unique cookbook that is full of tasty and satisfying recipes designed around the themes, colors, and traditions of Christmas. Inside are page after page of mouth-watering recipes that, when prepared, will certainly be a hit with both family and guests alike during this special season. Written for the novice and the experienced cook alike, Christmas Delights Cookbook is a valuable addition to your kitchen library, especially when it is coupled with the other Holiday Series, and it makes the perfect gift for the chef on your giving list.

    Please visit our websites at,, and 6 x 9, 324 pp., featuring a full-color cover in a variety of bindings. Whispering Pine Press International, Inc., Your Northwest Book Publishing Company.

    • Inside You Will Find:
    • Christmas Themed Recipes
    • Christmas Folklore
    • Christmas Facts
    • Christmas Themed Poetry
    • Christmas History
    • Author’s Commentary
    • Index and Glossary
    • Measurement Charts
    • Tips on Preserving

    LCCN: 2014 pending BISAC 1 CKB042000 BISAC 2 CKB077000 BISAC 3 CKB101000 BISAC AUD 01


    ISBN: 978-1-59434-156-4 case bound $ 29.95 plus shipping
    ISBN: 978-1-59434-157-1 perfect bound $ 19.95 plus shipping
    ISBN: 978-1-59434-158-8 spiral bound $ 21.95 plus shipping
    ISBN: 978-1-59434-159-5 comb bound $ 22.95 plus shipping
    ISBN: 978-1-59434-162-5 E-PDF $ 9.99 download
    ISBN: 978-1-59210-391-1 E-PUB $ 9.99 download
    ISBN: 978-1-59434-867-9 E-PRC $ 9.99 download

    About the Author: Karen Jean Matsko Hood is the author of numerous cookbooks, children’s books, poetry, and more. A woman of wide interests, she, her husband, many of her sixteen children, and foster children make their home in Greenacres, Washington. Ms. Hood is currently working to complete research toward her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University.

    Websites: and

    Twitter: @KarenJeanHood

    Author’s Availability: Washington State and nationwide by arrangement.

    Contact: Marketing and Sales Department at Whispering Pine Press International, Inc.

    Phone: (509) 928-8700 or Fax: (509) 922-9949





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