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Upcoming Book by Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 @ 10:07 AM Karen Hood

Whispering Pine Press is proud to announce prolific local author Karen Jean Matsko Hood‘s upcoming book titled Large Families: A Look Past the Average. This book delves past the cultural assumption of small families to explore the dynamics of large families of all types, including extended, blended, and adopted in a manner that is both thought provoking and heartfelt. While many Americans are accustomed to small nuclear families, this is a fairly recent development in world history, and there are many cultures throughout the world that value larger families and still consider them the norm in their own country. Hood’s insightful book challenges the reader to put aside the negative stereotypes that unfairly accompany large families in the U.S. and open his/her heart to the joys that abound when many people come together in the same household.

The mother of sixteen children, both natural, adopted, and foster, Karen Hood is passionate about sharing her experiences in loving and raising a large family with others. Hood’s adopted children come countries all over the globe, and she honors each child’s heritage by learning to cook traditional meals and encouraging them to express their native customs, thereby creating a truly blended family where everyone is valued and loved. Her experience gives her a unique perspective on family dynamics that is both eye-opening and heartwarming.

Large Families is an in-depth look at the family unit, investigating it from every angle. It provides valuable statistics, discusses the various reasonings behind planning a large family, and even explores the history of society’s reaction to the large family, from negative to positive and past to present, even demonstrating how current trends in the United States indicate how our society may view large families in the future. For anyone who has ever been a part of, wanted to start, or known a large family, Hood’s book is essential; and it is an invaluable resource for the nation at large as well. A powerful and timely study of family dynamics, Large Families stimulates profound discussion about a key societal issue that we all should consider.

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