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Minorca Chickens

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 @ 12:05 PM Karen Hood

Source Flickr
Author Erik Fitzpatrick

The Minorca chicken takes its name for the Island of Minorca, off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, where it once could be found in large numbers. Spanish tradition relays that the breed came to Spain from Africa, with the Moors. In fact, it was sometimes referred to as the “Moorish fowl.” Minorca chickens are the largest of the Mediterranean class. They are non-sitters, excellent layers of large white eggs, and are very hardy and rugged birds. The breed has proven excellent on all soil types and adapts readily to range or confinement. In America, the breed made a name for itself due to its great egg laying ability combined with its hardiness and proclivity to excel on range.

The Minorca chicken is just one of the many unique and beautiful birds you can see at Spokane’s premiere Petting Farm, brought to you by Mountain Valley View Farm. We have both Black and Buff varieties.

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