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Golden Campine Chickens

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 @ 11:04 AM Karen Hood


The Campine is a breed of chicken originating in Belgium’s Campine region. They are a fairly small breed in Silver and Gold varieties, with solid white or golden hackles and iridescent black-green barred bodies. Hens and roosters are nearly identical in feather coloration. They will lay a fair number of white-shelled eggs, but are largely kept for showing today. The Campine has been compared both in appearance and anatomy to the Sebright; a fancy breed of True Bantam that also displays gold and silver feather patterns. Thus it is speculated they could have been used as one of the breeds used to create the Sebright. The Golden Campine is just one of the many unique and beautiful birds you can see at Spokane’s premiere Petting Farm, brought to you by Mountain Valley View Farm.

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