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Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale From Mountain Valley View Farm!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 @ 11:04 AM Karen Hood


Mountain Valley View Farm now has two locations to serve you when purchasing our delicious, organic eggs! Come by the farm or stop into our Farmer's Parlor location in Spokane Valley for all your farm fresh produce! Whether you plan to serve a delicious egg dish at breakfast or use eggs as an ingredient in your favorite recipe, carve egg shells as an artistic project, or use colored eggs in your décor, Mountain Valley View Farm Inc. provides a fantastic selection of farm fresh eggs to suit any purpose. Our eggs are in high demand, and we ship worldwide to a growing clientele who want access to fresh, top-quality eggs wherever they are. Please remember to specify whether you are purchasing eggs to eat or eggshells for artistic and decorative purposes so that we can ship your eggs in the appropriate manner. Farm Fresh, Organic Eggs Don’t forget we ship and deliver our eggs! We can ship FedEx, UPS, or USPS upon request. If you are looking for eggs to eat, Mountain Valley View Farm raises chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, quail, and turkeys that are all free-range and organic, providing you with the tastiest and most nutritious eggs possible. Organic eggs are extremely nutritious and contain significantly higher ratios of Vitamins A and E, Omega 3, and beta carotene than commercially produced eggs. They are also lower in cholesterol and saturated fat, making them an excellent choice for anyone concerned about their health. All our birds at Mountain Valley View Farm are fed an all-natural grain and allowed to roam and forage for food to supplement their diet. We do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on our farm, nor do we give our animals growth hormones or antibiotics, so you can be assured that our eggs will not have the toxins so common to commercially produced eggs. You will also love the taste of our eggs, as studies have shown that organic eggs from hens that eat a varied diet have a noticeably stronger and more pleasing flavor than commercial eggs. You will also find that chicken, duck, goose, and turkey eggs all have their own unique flavors and nutritional benefits. Duck eggs are significantly larger than chicken eggs, and goose eggs are larger still. One goose egg, when cooked, will be roughly equivalent to four chicken eggs, and both duck and goose eggs also have more yolk than the average chicken egg. Thicker shells lend themselves toward a longer shelf life (at least 6 weeks in the refrigerator). Both duck eggs and goose eggs are slightly higher in protein content, as well as containing greater concentrations of other nutrients like iron, potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D.

Duck and goose eggs have their own unique flavors as well. Duck eggs have a noticeably stronger flavor than chicken eggs, and although not everyone may care for this taste when eaten plain, nearly everyone agrees that duck eggs are unparalleled when used for baking. Their richness produces moister, fluffier baked goods–absolutely incredible cakes and cookies. Goose eggs taste similar to chicken eggs, but seem a bit drier. They are also thicker than chicken eggs and have a custard-like yolk. They are also wonderful in cooking and are best in sweet confections and omelets. Some people find no difference in taste between chicken and turkey eggs, while others believe they are a little sweeter and stronger in flavor. The turkey egg is very large compared to normal chicken eggs, and makes fabulous omelets and egg dishes for large families. Due to its large size, it is higher in cholesterol than the other eggs, so don't eat a whole turkey egg by yourself! If you use it to replace multiple chicken eggs in a recipe or divide the cooked egg between several people, you will avoid the extra cholesterol and still save the hassle of using many individual eggs. Guinea and quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs; however, they have their own special qualities that make them beloved among gourmets. Guinea eggs have a very similar taste to chicken eggs, but are considered to be even more delicious and flavorful. Although somewhat smaller than a chicken egg, a guinea egg has roughly the same size of yolk, which means less egg white overall. Many people find the yolk richer and tastier than that of a chicken egg, making them a real treat! Guinea eggs are also popular in baking. Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in many countries, and are often used to replace ordinary chicken eggs as a gourmet ingredient in many dishes. Despite old wives’ tales about a high cholesterol content, quail eggs have a similar nutritional profile to chicken eggs.  



Artistic Eggs

The craft of creating beautiful art on eggshells is a time-honored pursuit that takes great skill, patience, and dedication. Painting, carving, and embossing fragile eggshells is a delicate tradition that creates unforgettable results. Eggshells from Mountain Valley View Farm are carefully drained and washed so that they arrive in the hands of the artisan clean and ready to use. Different types of eggshell provide unique benefits for the art of egg decorating. Small, lovely bantam chicken eggs are often used for painting, whereas goose eggshells are so thick that they are perfect for the delicate art of carving and embossing beautiful designs directly onto the shell. Emu, ostrich, and rhea eggs are also popular choices for artisans. Emu shells are a dark turquoise color that provides unique artistic opportunities, as seen in the photo below, where a beautiful nature scene has been embossed into the shell for a dramatic contrast in color. Ostriches lay the largest eggs of any bird on earth, and many artists are fond of using these eggs because their sizes gives them more space to create something beautiful. Rhea eggs have a creamy yellow-tinted shell that many find aesthetically pleasing, and all of these eggs have thicker shells that make them more durable and easier to decorate than traditional chicken eggs. Egg decorating is a skill that can be learned at home. With just a little patience and perseverance, you can create amazing works of art that are like no others! Let Mountain Valley View Farm expand your artistic horizons with our beautiful selection of quality eggshells. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY COSTS Local delivery is charged at a rate of 58.5 ₵ per mile. Shipping and handling costs will vary. Fresh eggs purchased for eating will be shipped by air. Eggshells purchased for artistic purposes will be shipped ground. Don’t forget to let us know if you are purchasing these eggs to eat or for decorating! We ship worldwide and have a growing clientele that wants our eggs shipped to them. All of our organic eggs can be shipped by air so that they reach you fresh off the farm and ready to eat! We are also happy to ship via ground to those who would like eggshells for decorative and artistic purposes.

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