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Mountain Valley View Farm Celebrates Oktoberfest at the Spokane Public Market!

Friday, September 28, 2012 @ 10:09 AM Karen Hood

Author: hozinja
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mountain Valley View Farm is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the first the annual Oktoberfest celebration at the Spokane Public Market this weekend! We’re cooking up a storm to bring you all sorts of delicious, handmade traditional German foods straight from our farm kitchen, including German spaetzle dumplings, German meatballs in a creamy caper sauce, German barley soup–and of course, everyone’s favorite, German chocolate cake! You can find us at the Farmer’s Parlor, Mountain Valley View Farm’s cozy and welcoming space within the Spokane Public Market. Click here to view the full Oktoberfest menu of authentic German foods that will be available at the Farmer’s Parlor this weekend.

Oktoberfest is a traditional Bavarian holiday that began in 1810 to celebrate Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese. Originally a single day of festivities, Oktoberfest has grown over the years to become the largest fair in the world, stretching over the 16 days leading up to and including the first Sunday in October. Oktoberfest is famous for its beer, its food, and its celebration of Bavarian culture–so famous that smaller events are held in cities throughout the world.

The Spokane Public Market Oktoberfest festivities run September 28-30 and include live music on all three days, sampling of amazing regional microbrews, German sausage from award-winning Leroy’s BBQ, and more! On Saturday the 29, there will also be a car show and People’s Choice Award event.

Don’t forget to stop on by the Farmer’s Parlor and try some of Mountain Valley View Farm‘s amazing, farm fresh foods made from scratch just for you! Our small family farm is dedicated to offering the most delicious, healthy products possible. We use organic ingredients, many from our own farm, and craft each food in small batches for a distinctly homemade quality. We look forward to seeing you this weekend at Oktoberfest!

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