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Arbor Day Gone?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 @ 11:05 AM Karen Hood

Last Friday was Arbor Day, April 27th, 2012. But the trees are one of those special things in life that we can enjoy and celebrate every day. In Spokane we’ve seen more trees in blossom in the last two weeks than we’ll probably get to appreciate all year. Arbor Day is a tree-planting holiday. The tradition was started in Nebraska and on April 10, 1872. On the first Arbor Day over one million trees were planted in Nebraska alone. Today Arbor Day is celebrated nationally and internationally.


In my family, I am the one who brings attention to trees as a regular routine. As we drive together as a family I will question family members to identify different trees. While blooming, as is the case for many right now, they are especially easy to identify. The flowering pear and cherries, and the flowering thundercloud plum have been particularly spectacular this spring.


Most of my children have favorite trees or a handful which they can easily identify. One of my older daughters says “Sycamore” for every tree when questioned. Her thought apparently being eventually she’ll be right. I tell her that’s like a broken watch which is at least right twice a day.

Trees are often very unique. Sunburst locust, Douglas fir, hackberry, white pine, service berry, Russian-olive, dogwood and Catalpa all have characteristics which make them easily identifiable. Everyone should be able to identify Ponderosa Pine if they live here in the Inland Northwest. Go out into your yard or your neighbor’s and identify all the trees you encounter. Most people know maple even if they don’t know the difference between sugar maple, Norway maple, or silver maple. Make an effort to learn 8-10 trees by sight this summer. Have you ever seen a ginko tree? The leaves are said to give you good luck.


Celebrate Arbor Day all summer. Learn the name of trees in your area. Plant a tree and enjoy it for life.


Keep brushing,

Dr. James G. Hood

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