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Personalized Poems Make a Fabulous Gift

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 @ 10:10 AM Karen Hood

Please click on the above image to view and print in a larger, easy-to-read format.

Have you ever wondered what gift to give that special someone in your life? They already have everything they need, and you’ve been racking your brain each holiday and birthday for the last several years to come up with something unique, something that is truly as special as they are–and now you have completely run out of ideas.

A personalized poem by Karen Jean Matsko Hood is the perfect answer. Affordable on any budget, personalized poems can be anything you want: fun and lighthearted, romantic, friendly, or sympathetic; they can be tailored to fit almost any occasion including birthdays, engagements or anniversaries, holidays, bereavement, as well as any other important event or milestone. A Personalized Poem by Karen gives you the opportunity to select extra options that many other personalized poems don’t bother with, such as whether or not you want the poem to rhyme, and whether or not you wish to add artwork or have your poem printed on special paper. Furthermore, most personalized items simply add the name of your gift recipient to an already-existing poem, but a Personalized Poem by Karen is always a unique creation, written specifically for you.

Karen Jean Matsko Hood has been writing poetry for many years, and her poems have appeared in numerous magazines and literary journals both national and international. You can read a review of her first volume of poetry, Frost of Spring Green, here. Karen’s experience and expertise in writing well-crafted, poignant poems makes her a natural for personalized poetry. Her deft touch and finely-woven words are guaranteed to touch the heartstrings no matter the subject or event you are looking to commemorate. Give a gift that will be treasured forever–give a Personalized Poem by Karen.


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