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Spokane–A Beautiful Place to Live

Thursday, September 1, 2011 @ 10:09 AM Karen Hood

by Kyler Hood

The city of Spokane sits on the beautiful Spokane River in Washington State. This West Coast city boasts well-planned landscaping and parks, four distinct seasons, 260 sunny days each year, access to the Centennial Trail and numerous lakes, and outdoor fun and adventure for the whole family. Living here is an opportunity not to be missed.

When you live here, you will stay busy. Its ideal location near the Idaho-Washington border offers the ability to enjoy all of the water sports you love during summer months and snow and ice sports during the winter, whether taking a float down the Spokane River or driving to Schwietzer, Mt. Spokane, 49 Degrees North, or Silver Mountain ski resorts.

Spokane’s Rocky Mountains and lush evergreen foliage encourage exercise and community building. Live in Spokane, Washington and feel that extra push from your car and onto a bicycle with other residents. Or maybe you enjoy the comfort of the pack. Enjoy Hoopfest, the world famous three-on-three basketball tournament in June, or Bloomsday, a 12 kilometer race in May, or Spike N’ Dig, a volleyball tournament in August.

Eating in Spokane, like much of Washington, suits all tastes. Residents enjoy national franchises, and local restaurants showcase their delectables at seasonal events like Pig out in the Park in beautiful Riverfront Park. Residents also experience the benefits of local farm fresh produce and novelty items at the Public Market Thursday through Saturday. Prices are affordable.

Spokane values rigorous educational standards, so living here benefits the entire family. Middle school students are required to pass the Washington State Assessment of Student learning. Gonzaga University, a liberal arts college in downtown Spokane, provides academic excellence and hours of nail biting entertainment as the men’s and women’s basketball teams consistently earn spots in the NCAA basketball tournament. By 2030, a medical school will be established here providing even better healthcare and more opportunities for professional development.

Spokane is the perfect place to live. During the summer you can experience refreshing lakes and streams typical of Washington and enjoy community activities you cannot get anywhere else. In the winter, the surrounding mountains offer adventures in the snow and ice. Add the outdoor perks to menu variety, quality education, and growing economic opportunities and you realize: when you live in Spokane, the excitement stops only when you do.

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