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Celebrate the Grand Opening of Spokane Public Market!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 @ 11:09 AM Karen Hood

Spokane Public Market is celebrating its Grand Opening this Friday and Saturday! This is an exciting opportunity to explore Spokane’s newest market for local farmers, artisans, and small businesses. Local businesses like the ones you can find at the Spokane Public Market are the lifeblood of a community, offering unique products that are grown and made in the area with an eye toward quality that is so often missing from mass produced goods and commercially grown food. When you purchase from these vendors, you know that your money is going to support people who live and work in the same area as you do, thereby supporting the economy of your hometown.

Mountain Valley View Farm, Inc. is proud to be a vendor at the Spokane Public Market. In addition to our delicious, fresh organic produce, you will find baked goods, all natural goat cheese in a variety of flavors, healthy teas and juices, candies, cut flowers, and nursery stock. Our booth is easy to find: it’s on the Northeast corner at the end of the aisle when you first walk in–just look for our sign. We would love to meet you and tell you more about our family farm.

Other unique items you can find for sale at the Spokane Public Market include freshly picked huckleberries and wild mushrooms; arts and crafts including dolls, sculpture, herbal soaps, hand-dyed yarns, handcrafted jewelry, leather handbags, and candles; gourmet caramel candies and chocolates; locally caught fish as well as locally raised beef, pork, poultry, and goat meat; and so much more. There is almost no end to the variety of amazing things you can discover at the market! A full list of vendors can be viewed here.

The Spokane Public Market is open each week Thursday-Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, and plans to operate year-round. Please spread the word about their Grand Opening by grabbing a flyer and showing it to your friends and coworkers! You can print the flyer at the top of the post, or choose from one of the following flyers as well (click on either image to view and print it in a larger format). Thank you for supporting local businesses in the Spokane area!

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