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Yaks Coming Soon to Mountain Valley View Farm!

Thursday, August 11, 2011 @ 11:08 AM Karen Hood

Mountain Valley View Farm, Inc. is excited to announce that our farm will soon be home to a small herd of yaks. This even-tempered, long-haired bovine comes from the far Northeast, and is indigenous to the Himalayas and Tibet as well as parts of Russia and Mongolia. The wild yak was also once found in Nepal and Bhutan, but was hunted to extinction and now only domesticated animals exist in these two countries. Similarly, although there is a large domestic yak population worldwide, the number of wild yaks has dwindled until the species has been declared endangered.

Domestic yaks have been kept for thousands of years for their meat, wool, milk, and use as a beast of burden. Their unique physiology enables them to endure high altitudes and extremely cold temperatures, making them an invaluable asset for people journeying over mountain passes. Yak milk is rich and high in fat content, and it is used to make a thick butter with a cheese-like texture that is one of the primary ingredients in Tibetan butter tea. Yak meat is very lean, with a delicate beef-like flavor and very little fat marbling.

At Mountain Valley View Farm, Inc., our yaks will be kept mainly as beloved pets. They will be a welcome and unique addition to our petting zoo, and we will also use their wool. Yak wool is thick and warm, making an ideal yarn that is durable, lightweight, and very soft. Although most wild yaks are dark brown in color, there is a greater variation of color in domestic yak herds, including some white and piebald colorations, and this should enable us to offer several different colors of natural, undyed yarn. We also plan to offer yak milk soap. The high protein and fat content of yak milk gives the soap a rich lather and wonderful moisturizing properties. We are very excited to be able to offer these wonderful products and can’t wait to welcome our yaks to their new home!

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