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Introducing the Getaway Studio Pop Up Restaurant!

Thursday, June 2, 2011 @ 12:06 PM Karen Hood

Author: Rod Waddington
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Getaway Studio Pop Up Restaurant features food feasts from the Spokane area. Local ingredients, many from our family farm, are used to create delicious regional dishes of the Inland and Pacific Northwest. The Getaway Studio Pop Up Restaurant is booked by appointment only. To make reservations in advance, please call 509-928-1800. The Getaway Studio Pop Up Restaurant is located on Mountain Valley View Farm in the beautiful Spokane Valley at:
4227 S Chapman Rd
Greenacres, WA 99016
We are also available for catering and hosting small dinner parties—please call to inquire about the many opportunities we offer to create a special event just for you.

Pop up restaurants are an exciting trend in dining that seems to have its origins 25 years ago when the James Beard Foundation began inviting chefs from around the world to cook dinners in James Beard’s house. The James Beard Foundation’s mission is “to celebrate, nurture, and preserve America’s diverse culinary heritage and future,” and the Foundation works toward this goal by holding foodie events throughout the year and continuing to operate the JBF LTD, the pop up restaurant that started it all and continues to push the dining envelope to this day. The James Beard Foundation also hosts an annual award ceremony that honors those who have made significant contributions to the culinary world, including chefs, cookbook authors, and food journalists.

Pop up restaurants are temporary eating establishments that may exist for one day or several months at a time, but even the longer-running pop ups have a planned, limited timespan for their operation. Some chefs use this as a way to determine whether or not their idea for a permanent restaurant is financially viable, while others see it as an opportunity to experiment with new and creative recipes that will delight and tantalize foodies. Pop up restaurants can open in almost any location, operating in another restaurant’s space after hours, in empty art galleries, and furniture stores. In the Spokane area, a pop up restaurant occurred on a bike trail; and in New York, one daring group of foodies created a pop up restaurant on the subway that lasted for the duration of a six-course meal served between 6th Avenue and Sutter Avenue. Some pop ups rotate their location just like the underground supper clubs that are their close cousin in dining. Prices at pop ups can vary widely, from a reasonable $20 meal to an extravagant $180 that includes not just a meal but a wine tasting and a prestigious chef who has flown in just for this one-time event. No matter what form pop up restaurants take, it is certain that this trend has altered modern cuisine forever, providing fantastic new opportunities for food-lovers and cooks alike.

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