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Celebrating poetry

Friday, April 1, 2011 @ 11:04 AM Karen Hood

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone! April is a month-long celebration of American poetry, and to kick it off we’re sharing one of Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s lovely poems from Frost of Spring Green. Hood’s widely acclaimed poetry has been published in numerous national and international literary journals and her words bring meaning and power to the simple, ordinary topics. Frost of Spring Green is her first poetry collection published by Whispering Pine Press International. With its beautiful imagery, poignant symbolism, and meticulous crafting, Hood’s poetry will delight readers and bring them to a new appreciation of the world around them.


Oaken Planks

Raised grains of sun-bleached oaken planks
lie beneath my calloused feet,
Weary from the days of work.
The prints unfold to read as tea leaves.
Mapped in hardwood below each cracked sole.
Full of pain with every new step
The mighty oak tree weaves a tale,
Seeing eyes of time recorded.
A hundred years of mighty pride,
Producing acorn’s providence
For generations of squirrels
Eager to devour each tender morsel.
Golden leaves spread to the ground
Swirling down to parched souls,
Waiting for the winter frost
To dance across the oaken casts’ thorny thistles.

© Karen Jean Matsko Hood 2011


Join in the celebration of great American poets like Karen Jean Matsko Hood this month: attend a poetry reading at your local bookstore or library, take a poetry class at the community college, or set yourself the goal of reading one poem a day during April. No matter how you choose to commemorate this special time of year, remember to take a few moments to slow down in your hectic life and notice the small, wondrous details of the world around you. Poetry is everywhere, even in seemingly insignificant things.

Order Frost of Spring Green today as part of your celebration of National Poetry Month!

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