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Valentine Delights: Culinary Romance

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 @ 01:03 PM Karen Hood

Valentine Delights is a wonderful new cookbook by prolific author and cook Karen Jean Matsko Hood. Packed with delicious recipes, poetry, and fun tidbits of folklore and history, it is sure to be treasured year-round. Designed to achieve a lovely aesthetic as well as thrill the tastebuds, the recipes in this book will add a sumptuous touch to any special or romantic occasion.

Valentine Delights is an invaluable help when planning a memorable evening for your loved one. Hood’s inspired recipes take the stress out of cooking a special meal, giving clear, simple instructions that create truly spectacular dishes. No matter what culinary taste you are trying to achieve, you are sure to find a menu to suit. The extras added to all Whispering Pine Press cookbooks make Valentine Delights stand out even more, providing inspiration for new ways to celebrate the holiday and show your love for the special person in your life.

My family tried out the Chicken Pepperoni, Potatoes Dauphinouise, and Cream Cheese Cookie Hearts. We were all very impressed with the Chicken Pepperoni, which is a fun and unexpected combination of pizza, chicken, and pasta–a good way to get picky eaters to try something new and healthier than Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. The Potatoes Daphinouise were delightfully creamy and cheesy, fancier than ordinary potatoes au gratin. I will be proud to take them as a side dish to family holiday gatherings, where in the past I have felt a bit outclassed by my sisters-in-law and their greater experience in the kitchen. My kids had alot of fun making the cookies, which are very simple and versatile. They are a bit like sugar cookies, but lighter and flakier, and the cream cheese gives them a really wonderful flavor. The cookies were gobbled up quickly, leaving everyone clamoring for more. They will definitely be a favorite at our house. I only wish that I had bought this cookbook in time for Valentine’s Day this year, but I am excited about the possibilities it gives me for creating special ‘date nights’ with my husband all year long, as well as wowing him on our anniversary and many Valentine’s Days to come.

Order your copy of Valentine Delights today!

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