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Strawberry Delights Gives Food a New Flair

Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 11:03 AM Karen Hood

Strawberry Delights is an excellent collection of more than 250 recipes that feature the flavorful flair of the strawberry. This versatile, innovative cookbook will impress even experienced gourmet chefs with its range of dishes and creative uses of the fruit. At the same time, those new to cooking will not find themselves intimidated, for instructions are laid out in a clear manner and are simple to follow. The rewarding experience of making such delicious food will prompt even reluctant cooks into returning to the kitchen again and again. Many of the recipes use strawberry preserves or frozen strawberries, so there is no concern that this cookbook will ever be out of season.

Karen Hood‘s remarkable cookbook also includes fascinating facts about strawberry nutrition, history, and folklore in addition to information on growing and cultivating your own strawberries–a valuable addition for anyone looking to go green or eat more responsibly. Hood’s lovely poems and wide knowledge of cooking, gardening, and the strawberry itself further enhance the collection in the poetry section and the ‘Did You Know?’ segments sprinkled throughout the book. Plainly, Strawberry Delights is far more than just a cookbook: it is a versatile companion for any household.

My family had fun trying out the Strawberry Pineapple Chicken Bites. Even though it is in the Appetizer section of the cookbook, I made it as a fun lunch for my kids, and it was a big hit. My oldest is fairly stand-offish about fruit, and to be honest even I am not too fond of pineapple, but this made a very light and flavorful meal that I will be happy to make again. I also made the Spiced Glazed Pork Tenderloin, which was very tender and moist. The spices gave it a taste reminiscent of the holidays, while the strawberry added a bright sweetness that I found particularly tasty. For dessert, we tried the White Chocolate Strawberry Fudgies, which were honestly just about the richest, most delightfully decadent cookie I have ever had. Everyone was blown away, even my husband, who is a strict milk-chocolate-only person. I find myself continually impressed and grateful for the way in which Hood’s recipes tempt even the pickiest eaters in my family to eat foods they don’t normally enjoy.

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