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Mother’s Day Delights: Bringing a Special Touch to the Holiday

Sunday, March 13, 2011 @ 10:03 AM Karen Hood

Whether you are looking for a special gift for Mother’s Day or would like to dazzle your mother with a delicious meal, Mother’s Day Delights is the perfect choice. Packed with recipes, insightful poetry, and information about the holiday, this cookbook is a treasure trove of inspiration. Even mothers who don’t do much cooking are sure to enjoy this book, for the recipes are quick and easy with clear instructions, and the results are always fabulous. On the other hand, if your mother is a kitchen whiz, she will be impressed by the quality and variety of recipes that range from appetizers to desserts, jams and jellies to soups, main dishes to side dishes and everything in between. Amaze your mother with a breakfast of Swedish Pancakes and a souffle, or serve her Baked Beef Burgundy and a tantalizing Confetti Chopped Salad for dinner–no matter what meal you choose to honor her with, she will be delighted. Many of the recipes are easy enough that the kids can help Dad out in the kitchen to make a special breakfast in bed, and some are even suitable for older children to make on their own.

My family tried out the Buttermilk Cloverleaf Rolls, the Steak with Sweet Onions, the Baked Potatoes with Stuffing, and the Chocolate Velvet Cake. The rolls were both aesthetically impressive and delicious, very light and buttery. The steak was incredible, as flavorful and tender as any steak we would find at an expensive restaurant. My husband may insist that it become a Father’s Day dinner too! We were pleasantly surprised at the way our kids devoured the potatoes despite the tofu in the stuffing, and thought that it was a great way to add protein to this normally starchy side dish. The cake was best of all–and not just because I’m a chocoholic: it was very moist and rich, truly velvety. Karen Hood has come up with a unique way to add a special touch to the traditional chocolate cake recipe, and I continue to be impressed by her cooking experience and the quality of her Cookbook Delights series.

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