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Morning Reflections: Prayers for Everday Life

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 @ 10:02 AM Karen Hood

Morning Reflections by Karen Jean Matsko Hood is the first book in the Inspirational Reflections Series by Whispering Pine Press International. I have had this book for several weeks now, and have thoroughly enjoyed waking up to its peaceful and uplifting devotionals. Each page features a Bible verse followed by one of Hood’s original poems, with a brief but insightful prayer completing the day’s reading. The devotionals are centered around themes that are reflected in verse, poem, and prayer alike, and this allows the reader to really concentrate on the message and internalize it. The poetry is simple yet poignant, a powerful and often elegant contemplation of various facets of the Christian walk. Thankfulness, praise, the filling of the Holy Spirit, the struggle to live righteously in a difficult world–all these topics and many more are meditated upon in Morning Reflections. I have found that my mornings tend to start much more smoothly when I set aside the time to quietly reflect on God, and Karen Hood‘s gentle, thoughtful words make it easy and enjoyable to do just that.

In the back of the book are three separate indexes that are helpful for finding a particular devotional quickly and easily: Index by First Line, Index by Bible Verse, and an Alphabetical Index. I really appreciated having these indexes handy to help me navigate the book to find my favorite poems and prayers again.

Morning Reflections also offers several other extra touches that I thought were particularly nice. There are several blank pages at the beginning of the book to provide space to write out my own thoughts on the reflection of the day, and there is a another page where you can fill in a personal message if you want to give Morning Reflections as a gift. There is a Reader Feedback form that can be mailed to Whispering Pine Press, something I have never seen before in a book and really appreciated because it shows that the publishers are truly interested in treating their readers right.

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