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Frost of Spring Green Provides Insight and Beauty

Thursday, February 3, 2011 @ 12:02 PM Karen Hood

Karen Hood’s first collection of poetry, Frost of Spring Green, is a masterful collection of poems in a wide range of topics that will delight serious readers of poetry and those new to the genre alike. The poems deal with a wide range of topics including nature, everyday life, social and environmental issues, and the deepest, most profound emotions experienced by all of us.

Hood’s poetry is clear and confident, elegant in its simplicity. She is adept at crafting layers of meaning and impact that work on the heart over time, providing powerful insight into the wonders of the natural world and the human condition. At first glance, her poems appear straightforward and can be easily read and grasped by those inexperienced in the nuances of poetry. A deeper reading, however, will prove that there is much for a more experienced reader to discover beneath the surface.

Frost of Spring Green‘s imagery is powerfully visual, painting vivid pictures that are poignant and breathtaking whether the subject is a beautiful flower or mountain vista, or the cardboard box an orphaned, homeless child has used to construct a home for herself. Hood’s metaphors are equally strong, and with them she is able to bring the reader to a deeper understanding of her themes. Her knowledge of the craft is excellent, and she demonstrates an innate skill with rhyme and meter that enhances the impact of her poetry–although she also knows when to withhold them. Alliteration is used to create greater emphasis on particular phrases that will linger hauntingly long after the book has been set aside. One of Hood’s favorite devices is the use of stark contrasts, comparing and sometimes even equating opposites in such powerful ways that the poem creates a lasting effect on the reader. Personally, I have never encountered a poet who crafts more potent contrasts than Karen Hood.

Frost of Spring Green is a compelling read for anyone who enjoys poetry. It provides the opportunity to slow down and consider the world we live in, in all its beauty and heartbreak–a rare thing in this hectic modern lifestyle. I will close my review with one of my favorite poems from this collection, one that demonstrates the depth and power in Karen Hood’s writing.


Night Whistle

Do you remember that
Hot August night?

Iowa humidity so dense
You could backstroke in the breeze.

Mom and Dad, we came home with
You, back to our tiny apartment.

The brassy train whistle
Pierced our silence.

One quiet night with you, now
Dead within my body.

My beautiful dark-haired
First baby boy, still.

The last long night
I shared together with you.

Karen Jean Matsko Hood ©2010


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Frost of Spring Green ©2010 & 2011

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