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Announcing Cooking with Karen!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 08:12 PM Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Announcing Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s new blog – Cooking with Karen!

Whether you enjoy preparing and sharing your favorite foods or you just love to eat, you will discover something deliciously fun and new at Cooking with!

Karen Jean Matsko Hood has always enjoyed cooking, baking, and experimenting with recipes. Karen regularly entertains large groups of people and especially enjoys designing creative menus with holiday, international, ethnic, and regional themes. As a mother of sixteen children, she has a great deal of experience cooking for others and is excited to share her knowledge. She is the author of the popular Cookbook Delights series and has appeared on Good Morning Northwest on a local Spokane, Washington, television station many times to share her cooking expertise.

Situated in beautiful Spokane Valley, just minutes away from the Washington/Idaho border, Cooking with provides cooking classes and all kinds of epicurean delights, including a variety of ethnic dishes, baked goods, fresh farm produce, dried and frozen foods, spices, and teas. Karen Jean Matsko Hood uses these items in her bountiful collection of recipes, many of which she shares in her Cookbook Delights Series and Hood and Matsko Family Favorites series.

In the Cookbook Delights Series, each cookbook emphasizes a different food ingredient or theme.  The first cookbook in the series is Apple Delights Cookbook. Karen is also working to complete her other series of cookbooks titled Hood and Matsko Family Favorites, which includes many recipes handed down from her family heritage and others that have emerged from more current family traditions.

Cooking with offers a variety of cooking classes for beginners and skilled chefs alike. We also have classes specifically geared for children and welcome family participation. Classes cover holiday themes, traditional home cooked meals, ethnic dishes, and more. Class sizes are small to ensure hands-on learning and a personal touch.

We invite you to join us at to find great recipes to try and share! Check back often, as Karen will be adding cooking classes soon!

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