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Voices for the North Fork Flathead Reaches 2010 Goal

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 @ 12:10 PM Karen Jean Matsko Hood

“Friends of the North Fork Flathead” Reaches 2010 Goal

Just a brief announcement!  We thought you’d like to know that Headwaters Montana has reached its goal of signing up 2010 “Friends of the North Fork” before the end of the year ~ ahead of schedule!

As of today’s date we have 2115 Friends of the North Fork.  That’s a lot of voices speaking out to protect this special part of the world.

What You Helped Accomplish

Your voice has helped protect the North Fork by:

  • Encouraging Governor Schweitzer to negotiate a ” Memorandum of Understanding” with British Columbia;
  • Helping Senator Baucus convince oil and gas lease holder in the North Fork to give up of over 80 percent of their dormant oil and gas leases in the North Fork (working towards 100 percent!);
  • Convincing senators Baucus and Tester to introduce legislation (S.3075) to withdraw all mineral and oil and gas rights in the North Fork (still pending in Congress);
  • Convincing the Obama administration to negotiate an international agreement for the North Fork with Canadian federal government (in process); and
  • Helping complete Waterton – Glacier International Peace Park by adding 100,000 acres in British Columbia (on-going).

The Work’s Not Done Yet

The North Fork of the Flathead River still needs your attention and help.  While we accomplished much in 2010, the list above demonstrates that  work remains to be finished, in addition to other conservation objectives on the U.S. side of the watershed.

Help Headwaters Meet the “Cinnabar Challenge

You can keep this record of success moving forward by helping Headwaters Montana stay in the game.  Headwaters Montana is the only locally-based NGO that focuses on the Transboundary Flathead on a daily basis. We’re local voices working to protect our back yard.

The Cinnabar Foundation will match your donation dollar-for-dollar.  Please double your financial impact by making your donation here today.

Thank you!

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