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Thank You from Your Farmer’s Market

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 @ 08:10 AM Karen Jean Matsko Hood

A Great Big Garlicky Thank You

Our Customers

Without you the market would not be possible. All 1,600 of you that came each week, and for the 37,000 market visits that we estimate you made this year. We really appreciate you. Our vendors come to the market to operate their businesses for 4 hours each week and they know that they can count on you to show up during that brief window to support them.

Our Vendors

You see the vendors every Saturday, so you probably know them well. They are the reason why you shop at the Market. You want to know the people who grow and make your food. Our vendors are real people with faces and names that you can get to know.

We especially appreciate our vendors that participated in the Market for the first time this year, Ormond Valley Apiaries, Farmer JO, Clear Skies Sheep Company, Palouse Prarie Wholesome Grains, Twin Springs Farm, Aichele Farms, Ant’ny’s Kickin’ Good Salsa, Petit Chat Village Bakery, and Desserts by Sara.

Our Sponsors

The Liberty Lake Farmers’ Market would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors Greenstone Homes and the City of Liberty Lake.

Our Musicians

Live music is one element of the Market that we all enjoy. Our musicians are all local and bring a great atmosphere to the Market.

Too Many Men – All Ages Pop Music
Michael Robinson Trio – Variety
Hahner Family Band – Gospel and Bluegrass
Jenny Edgren – Kids Folk Music
Kathy Colton and the Reluctants – Upbeat Folk/ Light Blues
Rick Markealli – Pop and Classics
Pete Holm – Folk Plus
Diminishing Faculties – Classic Rock-n-Roll
Suhanna Cree – Acoustic
Keith Harris – Original Acoustic Mix
Steve Schennum – Mostly Guitar Maybe Mandolin

Crock Pot Apple Butter

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