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RWA Membership

Friday, September 3, 2010 @ 10:09 AM Karen Hood

Karen Jean Matsko Hood is now a member of the Romance Writers of America! RWA is dedicated to helping romance authors advance their careers and offers many opportunities to connect with likeminded writers through workshops, conferences, and local chapter meetings. With 10,000 members and 145 chapters, RWA is one of the largest writing associations in the country and works hard to promote the romance genre as well as providing romance writers with the knowledge and opportunity to succeed. The organization also sponsors the romance publishing industry’s prestigious awards for published and unpublished romance writers — the RITA Awards and the Golden Heart Awards.

Karen is currently working on her first romance novel, Jasmine, which will be published by Whispering Pines Press in June 2011. Jasmine is the story of Jasmine Butler, who moves to the small town of Bear River, Montana hoping to escape her past. She is surprised to discover her attraction to Arnold Talbot, her surly but handsome boss who has demons of his own. Just as Jasmine is beginning to feel comfortable in her new life, surrounded by people she cares about in Bear River, she is faced with a rival for Arnold’s affection: a beautiful and sophisticated woman from his past. But even that pales in comparison to the danger that has followed her to Bear River, a danger that could claim her very life. Will life and love triumph over dark secrets and a tragic past? To find out more about this suspenseful romance or to pre-order the book, please visit Karen’s Bookstore or Whispering Pines Press.

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