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It’s not too late – Your gift will be doubled for sea turtles

Friday, September 3, 2010 @ 01:09 PM Karen Jean Matsko Hood

There are few things in nature more captivating than watching tiny sea turtle babies digging out of their beachside nests and making their way to the sea. Tragically, in portions of the Gulf Coast region right now, sea turtle hatchlings are heading straight into waters that have been contaminated by toxic oil.

An entire generation of loggerhead sea turtles — a threatened species — could die when they encounter the oil.

Help baby sea turtles now!

National Wildlife Federation has teamed up with the Sea Turtle Conservancy to execute immediate and longer-term plans to make the Gulf safe again for sea turtle hatchlings. Right now, our team is relocating loggerhead sea turtle eggs in the Florida Panhandle to safer waters along the Atlantic Coast far from the spill site. Moving the eggs is risky, but leaving the baby sea turtles to die is simply not an option.

NWF is partnering with state agencies and non-profit organizations to relocate hundreds of sea turtle nests in the Florida Panhandle.
We’re working to ensure that should the maturing hatchlings find their way back to the Gulf, they’ll be greeted as thousands of generations of sea turtles have, with clean water, plenty of food, and safe habitats to breed the next generation of small wonders.

Your gift today will go directly to giving sea turtle hatchlings a fighting chance. Please give now.

Every dollar you give will be matched, up to $75,000, thanks to a generous challenge grant from a Florida sea turtle enthusiast.

The loggerhead eggs are beginning to hatch, so we’re running out of time. Please give your most generous gift before it’s too late. Every dollar will be DOUBLED and go directly to conserving sea turtles.

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Larry Schweiger
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