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Hood and Matsko Family Tree and Heritage, Annual Book 2011

Thursday, September 16, 2010 @ 09:09 PM Karen Hood

Hood and Matsko Family Tree and Heritage is a great book for anyone interested in genealogy.  The Hood and Matsko families did research and discovered that they have descendants from Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.  Through adoption their families are connected to Korea, Africa, and India, as well as other countries.  The Hood and Matsko families have traced their heritage back to 1786.  By following the success and methods of this family, it will encourage you to try the same pattern of discovery for your family heritage.  The book offers excellent tips and recommendations for anyone researching their family history.

Please visit our websites at,, and 8½ x 11, 320 pp., featuring a durable, full-color cover in a variety of bindings.  Whispering Pine Press International, Inc., Your Northwest Book and Gift Company © 2011.

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