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Bring Your Shopping List

Saturday, September 4, 2010 @ 10:09 AM Karen Jean Matsko Hood

The 10-Ingredient

Shopping Trip

Many people turn to unhealthy restaurant meals and takeout because they don’t have time to shop. Mark Bittman, food writer for the New York Times is always trying to make cooking easier for people without losing quality or flavor. He makes it surprisingly easy to cook a week’s worth of dinners with just a 10-ingredient shopping trip.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to come to the Liberty Lake Farmers’ Market for your own version of the 10-Ingredient shopping trip.

Food has Roots…
Sometimes we forget that our food has its roots (literally!) in the ground.

School will be starting in just a few weeks and Harvard University is leading the way in making school food not only delicious but going back to the roots of where food comes from and providing education about agriculture through their Food Literacy Project.

The truth is that most of us have never hoed potatoes, weeded strawberries, fed pigs or milked a cow. Maybe you couldn’t even say what potato plants look like or what cows smell like. Today most food comes from grocery stores and restaurants, not the farmer and milk man. At Harvard University they are doing their part.

You can learn a lot about these things and others by shopping at the Farmers’ Market.

Since You Like to Know
Here’s a list of the vendors that will be at the Market this Saturday.

This is the most up-to-date information about which sellers will be attending the market. Please understand that there are often last-minute changes—it’s the nature of farming!

Aichele Farms- berries
Anderson Produce
aNeMonE Handmade Paper Flowers
Ant’ny’s Kickin’ Good Salsa
Bouzies Bakery
C&S Hydro-Huts- Hydroponic Lettuce
Chukar Dave’s All Natural Herbal Seasoning
Clear Skies Sheep Company
Crepe Cafe
Desserts By Sara
Elithorp Farm
Farmer JO
Harvey Creek/Quail Ridge
Leisure Lavender Farm
Lenny’s – famous burritos
Liberty Lake Soap
Ormond Valley Apiaries – honey
Pacific Produce
Palouse Prairie Wholesome Grains
Paradise Prairie Farms
Petit Chat Village Bakery
Petunias – chocolates and preserves
RiverView Garden – cut flowers
S&P Homestead Farm
SideWalk Floral & Produce
Silvia’s Jewelry Design
Susie David’s Cattle Co
Tall Grass Farms – dahlias
Thistledown Wools – yarn etc.
Throw Down Pottery
Tonnemaker Hill Farm- Certified Organic
Trezzi Farm – lasagna and pesto
Twin Springs Farm – Certified Organic
Vang Garden
Veraci Pizza
White Cane Sockeye Salmon, LLC
Xiong’s Produce

Northern Italian Minstrone

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