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Peaches & Dreams

Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 01:08 PM Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Peaches & Dreams

Sometimes it seems like the peaches of your dreams don’t exist. The peaches that always taste like summer. Smell like summer. Remind us of flaky crusted peach pies. And can’t be found in the grocery store. The peaches that come straight off of the tree. If you’re lucky enough to get this kind of peaches, you’re lucky enough.

Bob and Shelly Berryman of Twin Springs Farm have been growing the peaches of your dreams for several decades. Their Certified Organic farm is off the beaten path in Rice, Washington. But you don’t have to travel quite that far for the fruit from the trees in their orchard. They bring it to the Liberty Lake Farmers’ Market every Saturday. Peaches won’t be in season forever so why wait to indulge in every foodie’s dream. Eating raw peaches seems to be the easiest, but if you take the time to make peach sorbet or peach pie you won’t be disappointed. Bob and Shelly might even give you a recipe or a few pointers.

Pick up a copy of The Liberty Lake Splash this week. In it you will find a coupon that you can use to save when you purchase peaches from Bob and Shelly this weekend or next weekend.

These Melons are Guaranteed

Anderson’s Produce is a small family farm located along the Columbia River north of Kettle Falls. They grow everything they sell with organic practices with help from their nephews, and an aunt, uncle, niece or cousin from time to time. They have been around farmers markets for many years now and have been involved with eight farmers markets.

Each year the garden changes as they are always growing and learning. This year they added another acre of production. They have a few fruit trees, but they concentrate on their produce including melons, corn, tomatoes, peppers, and always zucchini.

When you come to the Market you can meet various members of the Anderson family. This past Saturday Ben was at the Market. And if you buy a melon from him he will guarantee that it is ripe. We caught Ben saying this to a customer, “I guarantee that my melons are ripe. If you ever get a bad melon from me just come back and I’ll give you another one.”

The type of service you get when you buy your food directly from the farmer is quite different from a grocery store experience.

Transitioning to Organic
Nate Drake, a student at Eastern Washington University, operates Paradise Prairie Farms.
He is in the process of Organic Certification for the farm. Recently he received his Transitional Organic Certificate
from the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Congratulations Nate!!!

His farm will be Certified Organic by May 2011.

Nate likes organically growing vegetables. His garlic braids are beautiful and garlic is one of his specialties. But he also grows beans, beets, carrots, leeks, onions, peppers, tomatoes, herbs and more.

Visit Nate at the Market to ask him more about his growing practices and about transitioning his farm to Organic.

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