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4 water-saving tips for you and your garden

Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 12:08 AM Karen Hood

Did you know that during summer months, Americans use twice as much water as they do during other times of the year? And by some estimates, outdoor watering accounts for 50 to 70 percent of average household use!

Gardener prepares soilIt might seem like the only way to get a beautiful yard during the warmer months is frequent watering. But, there are many steps you can take towards creating an eye-catching and healthy garden while also being water-conscious.

By combining conservation practices with efficient landscape design, you can lower your water bill, lessen the amount of required maintenance and create a healthy, vibrant habitat. And we’ve got a few helpful tips to bring your yard to life while saving you natural resources, time and money!

  • Garden design: Group plants with similar moisture requirements close together, matching them with appropriate yard conditions—sunny, shady, damp, dry. This allows you to target watering only on the vegetation that needs it.
  • Plant selection: Focus on plants that are native to your area. They survive with natural rainfall, are resistant to local plant diseases and pests, and provide the best overall food sources for birds and other animals.
  • Efficient irrigation: Water infrequently, deeply and thoroughly. This prevents runoff and encourages deeper root growth. Plants with deep roots develop greater resistance to dry spells.
  • Maintenance: Apply mulch, such as bark or leaves,
    to planting beds. This helps soil retain moisture,
    discourages weeds and provides plants with
    essential nutrients.

To get more water-saving tips and tricks, simply click here! Then, don’t forget to certify your garden as an official Certified Wildlife Habitat™ site today. We’ll show you how to turn your yard into a haven for wildlife, a relaxing place for you to enjoy year-round and the envy of the neighborhood. Plus when you certify for just $20 today, you’ll receive many other benefits too! (see sidebar to right)

Follow these few simple tips this summer to help conserve water and keep money in your wallet, then certify your water-conscious habitat as a Certified Wildlife Habitat™ site today!

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