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Spokane’s Family Farm

Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 02:07 AM Karen Hood

It’s famous farmers like Joel Salatin who say things like “There are a lot of tree huggers, but I’m a grass hugger.” And in the whole scheme of agriculture grass is really important. At Spokane’s Family Farm grass is important because the cows are part of the family. You won’t find Spokane’s Family Farm at the farmers’ market because raising cows, milking, bottling and all of the other things that happen on the farm are a bit too time consuming. But their milk is available locally at many grocery stores. You can contact them through their website for more information.
They are open to visits. They love you to come pet the cows, see the clean milking stalls, look at the animal feed, in fact they sell milk on the farm so you can pick up a gallon of the good stuff right at the source. And surprisingly it isn’t too far away, sounds obvious but it is in Spokane. Go visit them and you will see that they care, they are passionate about what they do and they love to show it off, they welcome visitors like family. This is how they talk about having their customers onto the farm, “Our animals have an immune system, we don’t have to sanitize before coming onto the farm. We welcome visitors…”

No RBST around here. RBST is used to increase a cow’s milk production by as much as three times, but this isn’t good for the cows or good for you. Cows on RBST have about half the life span of a normal dairy cow, ending up in our country’s meat supply at the end of those few years. The RBST treated cows also nearly always have mastitis which contaminates the milk with blood and puss and necessitates ultra pasteurization.
Did you know that the shelf life of ultra pasteurized milk is 56 days, as opposed to the shelf life of Spokane’s Family Farm milk which is light pasteurized 14 days? Dead food lasts longer. If you haven’t tried Spokane’s Family Farm milk it is not only healthy it tastes like good old fashioned milk. If you’d rather have cheese, Sante Restaurant and Charcuterie in Spokane has started making various cheeses with the milk. Yumm…

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