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Explore a Shore

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 @ 12:07 PM Karen Hood
Photo of the beach at Otter Creek, Sleeping Bear Dunes  National Lakeshore in Empire, Michigan

Find out for yourself why shorebirds think these wild, wet places are wonderful!

  1. Seek treasure. Waves toss up all kinds of interesting things: pretty shells, polished pebbles, smooth beach glass, driftwood. Enjoy them — then leave them for others to enjoy, too.
  2. Listen to the music. The water, the waves, the wind, the birds … together they make a wonderful, peaceful sound.
  3. Get your feet wet. Take off your shoes, wiggle those bare toes, and wade right in. (But check with an adult first to be sure it’s safe.)
  4. Look for creatures. Watch birds swoop and dive. Check tidepools for sea urchins, barnacles, and sea stars. Dig into a sandy ocean beach for crabs or clams. In fresh water, find fish, water bugs, frogs, crayfish, and other animals.
  5. Follow the footprints. Look for animal tracks left in sand or mud. How many creatures have come this way?
  6. Chase the waves. As the breakers roll in and out, it’s fun to run after them. Watch out — they’ll chase you back!
  7. Skip stones. How many times can you make a flat rock hop across the water?
  8. Float a boat. Make tiny rafts from leaves or sticks and send them down a stream.
  9. Sculpt sand. At a sandy beach, make sand castles — or a whole sand village!
  10. Run a race. A wide, windy beach is the perfect place to run as fast as you can. When you need a rest, race to a good spot for a picnic lunch!

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