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A must see

Monday, July 19, 2010 @ 02:07 PM Karen Hood

We are so very close to finally doing something real about global warming — closer than we’ve been in generations.

That’s why we launched TV ads last week to make sure the Senate knows it’s time to act. That’s right — not at the end of a term, not in a year or two, but right now — in the next three weeks.

In our role as a leading environmental organization, we’ve been putting pressure on Washington at key moments for over 40 years — and we know what works. Along with our coalition partners, we’re running these TV ads in key states to ensure the U.S. Senate takes action on comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation in the coming days. Check out the ads we’re running to help wash the Senate clean of dirty oil.

Click here to watch the latest videos from LCV and stay up-to-date on the clean energy and climate legislation expected to be acted upon in a matter of days.

Environmental activists around the country are coming together to put pressure on the Senate. LCV is helping to lead the charge and I’m thankful to have people like you standing with us.

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