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TEN Tips for Eating

Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 12:06 PM Karen Hood

1 Eat real food

There are many things disguised as food in supermarkets today. While they may be edible, they aren’t real foods. A long list of ingredients means you’re looking at a highly processed product which likely doesn’t include the nutrients that your body needs.

2 Don’t buy or eat anything that doesn’t eventually rot

Have you heard that the only difference between a salad and garbage is time? A food engineered to live forever is usually full of chemicals. Food should be alive. And that means it should eventually die.

3 Buy real food

Minimally processed foods are usually found on the outside perimeter of the supermarket and in the salad bar or the fruit basket. Vending machines- not so much.

4 Be your own food detective

Pay attention. Ask questions. Read labels. Where did your food come from? How is it grown? What’s the story behind your food? And how do you feel about that story?

5 Shop at the farmers’ market
Or at a U-pick or farm stand whenever you can.

6 Cook

Take control of what you eat by cooking your own meals whenever you can. When you start cooking you will begin to learn about ingredients and care about quality ingredients.

7 Garden

There is no place like your backyard for the freshest, and best-tasting food. Cooking food you’ve grown yourself is very satisfying.

8 Try not to eat alone

When we eat alone we eat without thinking, and we usually eat too much. Eating should be social; food is more fun when you share it.

9 Eat slowly and stop when you’re full
The food industry makes money by getting you to eat more than you need or even want to. Just because they offer a super sized 64-ounce Big Gulp and 1,250-calorie, 5-cup restaurant plate of spaghetti and meatballs doesn’t mean that’s the amount you should eat.

10 Eat at the table

I know it sounds obvious. But we snack more than we dine these days; 19 percent of the meals consumed in America today are eaten in the car. The deepest joys of eating come when we slow down to savor our food and share it with people we love.

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