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Hoopfest which takes place this weekend here

Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 02:06 PM Karen Hood

There’s just three days left until Hoopfest tips-off in downtown Spokane.
Teams are trying to squeeze in final practices at courts all over. KREM 2 News caught up with those teams aiming for Hoopfest Domination.
The largest three-on-three tournament in the world will take place right here in downtown Spokane and people of all ages are getting ready for it. Each person is getting ready in his or her own way.
For Derek Houk and Ismael Ross it’s a game of horse and one-on-one. They both say they’ve been practicing outside a lot lately. The ball and the rules may be the same but not the outdoor game ,and players know this.
The players KREM 2 talked with say especially downtown, the streets are slanted and the ball goes everywhere.
There are even kids attending a four day basketball camp at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church off 57th to prepare. The camp director says the camp is not geared specifically to get the kids ready for Hoopfest, but rather to teach them fundamental skills. But a good number of the elementary and junior high students will be tightening up their laces for this weekend’s tournament.

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