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Frog Collecting News: Frogs Galore Museum

Thursday, July 9, 2009 @ 12:07 PM Karen Hood

The FrogsGalore museum lives on in cyberspace – welcome to a Frogophile’s dream come true, a haven for all Froglets and Tadpoles to share the fantasy of frogs – a selection of frogobilia from one of England’s leading frogoholics, The Frog Lady herself. Sheila Crown collected on a frog theme from 1979 and had a collection of more than 11,500 decorative frog collectables by 2005. To learn how it all went frog shaped for her, click on Sheila.

It started with a green ornament for a green room that just happened to be a frog. The rest is history…

Physical museum closed in September 2005

Sadly all good things must come to an end and so be it for FrogsGalore – the Museum closed in September 2005 and the collection of more than 11,500 items were sold at auction to a wide range of avid collectors.

The bricks and mortar FrogsGalore Museum was opened by Kermit on 12 May 2002 – click here for more on the opening day. On opening day there were 10,537 items in the frog museum, all on display in a secure converted granary.

In the Museum section you can see a small selection of the phenomenally wide range of frog-themed items that featured in the collection, from paintings to pottery, from leather to lipstick, from jewellery to jigsaws, from gold to glass, from the frogtastic to frog knows what, it’s all here.

Sheila’s collecting knew no bounds, with new items added daily to her collection of frog memorabilia… in 2002 her collection was confirmed by The Guinness World Book of Records as Britain’s largest at 10,502 (8 May 2002).

As of August 2005 the collection numbered more than 11,500 items.

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes – you have to kiss a lot to find your true Prince Charming. Try your luck wherever you see this cuddly amphibian, but be careful what you wish for!

Source: Frogs Galore

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