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Collecting Hummingbird Figurines

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 @ 11:07 AM Karen Hood

Hummingbird figurines are an eye-catching addition to any décor! Colorful and compelling, these engaging creatures make perfect collector items, ideal for home or cottage.

Hummingbirds have always attracted admiration. They were known to the Incas and Aztecs, then brought to the attention of Europeans over five hundred years ago by Christopher Columbus. The fascination continues and hummingbird collectables are gaining in popularity as a way for people to enjoy these beautiful and interesting birds.

Hummingbird figurines come in many colors and depict appealing surroundings. They are crafted from porcelain, ivory, glass, resin, or ride on currents of sparkling crystalline. Detailing is exquisite. Hand enameled models reveal both vibrant and subtle shades.

Picture a petite porcelain hummingbird diving into hibiscus blossoms for a fragrant feast. Imagine a bird in sculptured glass swooping into a flowered chute, while his glowing feathers are reflected in a beveled mirror base. In spun glass, four hummingbirds cavort on a carousel and in another figurine, a hummingbird sips from delicate scarlet flowers.

Frosted hummingbirds, with lifelike crystal eyes, peak out at you surrounded by a bed of flowers; ruby-throated hummingbirds hover over fuchsias. Hummingbird collectables are highly sought treasures—and with good reason!

Artists spend many hours studying hummingbirds to create authentic and detailed reproductions of these colorful and diminutive birds. Hummingbird figurines give perfect expression to artistic talent.

One well-known artist, Lena Liu, has captured the essence of the hummingbird with her hummingbird collectables, charming representations of these adorable birds amidst dew-kissed blossoms in enchanting gardens.

The Internet is a great place to shop for hummingbirds. Online stores offer pictures of different available figurines and online catalogues make for a satisfying browsing experience. Hummingbird figurines can be ordered online and shipping brings them to your door in record time.

Hummingbirds make unique gifts and if you are looking for something special, figurines are treasures that will be valued for a lifetime. These can be ordered online, wrapped, and sent out to a specified address.

Collecting an assortment of hummingbirds can be a rewarding and satisfying hobby. Hummingbird collectables provide owners with hours of enjoyment. So much so that there is always room for another specimen to add to your collection.

Your spirits will dance with these captivating companions. Darting amidst flowers and sipping nectar, lively and fast—every bit as enchanting in your home as in the garden—hummingbird figurines bring cheer and beauty to any shelf, mantle, tabletop, or cabinet.

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