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Starting A Teddy Bear Collection

Friday, June 26, 2009 @ 10:06 AM Karen Hood

by Lee McRae
Source: Article Snatch

Teddy bear collecting is an enjoyable hobby. For some people it started with the first teddy bear they got a child. For others, it was love at first sight when they stumbled across a fuzzy bear in an antique shop. Whatever your reason for collecting, Teddy bear collecting can be enjoyed by everyone. Follow along as we discuss some of the things you need to consider should you want to take up this hobby in a serious way or just to collect for fun. Whatever your reason, here are some hints and tips on how to go about starting or increasing your teddy bear collection.

If you know a bit about teddy bears you can try following online auctions. Auctions are one of the best ways to find the scarcer teddy bears. Your online search will obviously be a lot easier if you learn the names or kinds of teddy bears which are most collectible. Other places to look for new teddy bears for your collection would be yard sales, garage sales, flea markets or estate sales. Flea markets can offer some interesting possibilities because quite often vendors from a large area like to attend various flea markets and you may get to see items you would never normally come across. Estate sales are another interesting avenue for the collector. Usually everything within a house is sold at an estate sale and since the goods being auctioned off cover a wide range of items you may be the only one with a good knowledge of teddy bears that attends. Visit enough auctions and estate sales and you may come up with some real discoveries in vintage teddy bears.

If you don’t know much about about old teddy bears, you can certainly buy a book or reference guide to help you. There are plenty of books available which will provide you with the necessary information about the most popular and collectible bears. you can check your local library or local bookstores for collectors books for price lists on collectible teddy bears. you should also investigate clubs geared toward teddy bear collectors. There are a number of them around the country and indeed around the world. Check out Capers’n Teddies International Club, The Bialosky Treasury Collectors Club, the B.E.A.R. Collector’s Club, Good Bears of the World or the Inland Empire Teddy Bear Club. Many of them will even have newsletters that can provide you with some valuable information.

Keep in mind that there are many varieties and many manufacturers of teddy bears around the world. Some of the more famous ones are Chad Valley, Chiltern, Farnell, Merrythought, Terry’s, Pedigree, Schuco, Wendy Boston and Steiff bears. Most people of heard of those, among others, and many of the bears that they have manufactured have become very valuable over the years. If you all are attracted to collecting antique or vintage teddy bears, make sure that you have a good working knowledge about the exact bears that you’re looking for. It may be best to only concentrate on a few manufacturers, especially at the beginning, since you can take your time to educate yourself on just two or three and not try to spread your effort out over 20 or 30 different manufactures. That way, when you spot a new teddy bear you want to add you to your collection, you will have the knowledge to truly evaluate the condition and monetary value of the object of your desire.

Why have Teddy Bears if you can’t display them? These stands work well to display your bears with pride. Some people are quite inventive in showing off their bear collection to best advantage – baskets, dolls prams, dolls chairs etc can all be utilised in making a nice bear ‘scene’. Old animals will also add variety, Steiff in particular have always produced realistic high quality animals which complement bears very well. When it comes to anti-or vintage teddy bears a glass dome or display case is ideal for showing off and protecting your teddy bears from dust which is one of their biggest enemies. Apart from the dust itself not being ideal, it clogs attracting moths and other pests into the fabric

Collecting teddy bears can bring you a great deal of joy. No matter what the bear they collect is worth, many people want to collect them just because they love them. They become almost like children. But also keep in mind that you more you know the better off you will be when collecting vintage or antique teddy bears. Knowledge can save you a lot of money and if you ever decide to sell your collection he can bring you monetary joy as well!

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