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Collecting Crystal

Sunday, June 21, 2009 @ 11:06 AM Karen Hood

There are many types of crystal that people will choose to collect but the most common is lead crystal. The collections might come from estate sales where property is auctioned to the lowest bidder, or people might find odd pieces at resale shops across the United States.

Some of these crystal collections will be covered with dust and grime and many people at the auction will not realize the value of the pieces on the display table. Other people are crystal resellers and randomly search the internet to find crystal bargains that they can make a considerable profit by marking up the price for the item and selling it in an online auction environment.

When collecting crystal pieces, a collector might consider some of the well-known brands of crystal. The crystal pieces come from companies like Waterford, Rosenthal, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. Some of these crystal pieces are quite large and people prefer to purchase those pieces through retail outlets rather than paying the shipping charges from a collector that is in a different geographical location.

There are also brands of crystal that have become highly collectible because they are the brands that are sold through home parties. One of the most notable brands of catalog crystal items is Princess House crystal which is made in France. Many of the new sellers for Princess House will have a buyer introduction period where two for one special is in place for months at a time. This allows the agent to create a customer base and reap the revenue from the large sales during this time period.

Some people prefer to begin collecting crystal by buying animal shapes that commemorate the birth of a child. The animal shapes in crystal can be found in clear crystal forms, or in richly textured colored that create a visual effect when the piece of crystal is turned or held up to the light. Small pieces of crystal can weigh a considerable amount because the grade of lead in the piece is high.

Many people start collecting crystal because they want to dress out their dinner table. They will do their research and pick the brand of crystal that reflects their own personal style. There are crystal goblets, glasses and flatware collections to consider for the dinner table, and then people can start to consider the elaborate candelabras and candle holders that can offer a softer light for romantic dinners.

People continue collecting crystal because they want to create an heirloom that their children can enjoy for many years to come. Some families will keep their crystal collections behind glass doors and use them as home decorations when they are not in use. The brilliant cuts that can be made to crystal can turn ordinary crystal bowls into centerpieces that can be used for family gatherings.

Source: Crystal Concepts

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