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  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @ 01:05 PM Karen Hood

    With Songs and Poetry

    The World Around Me is a dynamic collection of poems and songs written by Shawn Jones. This is modern poetry at its finest: sharp and lucid, poignant in its depictions of all aspects of life, particularly loss and love. These poems touch on the deepest human experiences and bring both clarity and a gut-wrenching honesty that never fails to stir the heart. Readers will be drawn to Jones’ poetry again and again, poring over each lyrical line with delight.

    Poetry lovers will be thrilled with the authenticity of the poetic voice and expertly crafted rhymes that bring Jones’ words alive. Awaken the poetic spirit within through this powerful, haunting anthology. The World Around Me is world-wise and savvy, at once cutting and tender, heartrending and joyful; a truly remarkable work that evokes the most profound response from the wounded strength in all of us. It is an absolute must for any poetry collection.


    LCCN: 2012900095     BISAC 1 POE000000     BISAC 2 POE005010     BISAC 3 POE003000     BISAC AUD 01

    ISBN: 978-1-59434-594-4     Perfect Bound     $34.95 plus shipping and handling


    ISBN: 978-1-59434-595-1     E-PDF     $9.99 electronic file      


    ISBN: 978-1-59434-603-3     E-PUB     $9.99 electronic file    


    ISBN: 978-1-59434-855-6     E-PRC     $9.99 electronic file     


    Shawn Jones started writing at age 15 at a place called Nolands. She wrote her first song book up in a tree over the water near her home. Her book was filled with empty pages. She wrote about hopes and dreams that she wanted to come true later on in life. She began to travel and see the world but still wrote from time to time. Her life was running here and there, unsure of where she wanted to be. This is her first of many books that she put together and she hopes it will get to high places. Now at age 44 she still writes and takes care of her mom and her family, trying to get by these days.


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